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March 13, 2008 at 7:59 pm 2 comments

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Compliments of our virtual tour photographers at Shutterbug Studios.

Front and Back
• Remove dead potted plants, toys, bicycles, hoses, yard tools, mowers, etc.
• Remove trash cans. Place in garage or on side of the house.
• Add curb appeal and inviting atmosphere!
• Real plants/flowers or carefully chosen artificial plants/flowers
• Patio furniture with a decorative centerpiece (flowers, patio sculpture, tea/lemonade set with pitcher/glasses)
• Open umbrella (as long as it doesn’t obstruct a view)

• Open/tie-back all curtains and raise mini-blinds or open straight across (try to be consistent throughout)
• Turn on all lights, turn off all fans
• We typically do not photograph storage areas, so hide essential ‘extras’ in the utility room, garage, or closets for the day (high chair/booster seat, pet beds, etc.)

• Clear off counters of clutter and small appliances, free standing paper towel holders, drain rack, etc.
• Remove trash cans, pet bowls, dish towels (even decorative should be put away for photos), cleaning supplies (soap, sponge)
• Leave only minimal decorative items (bowl of fruit, vase of flowers, cookbook on stand, or wine bottle/glasses on a platter… etc.)
• Dress breakfast table with plant, vase of flowers or centerpiece (bowl of fruit, candle arrangement, etc.)

Living Room – Family Room – Game Room
• Make sure decorative pillows are in place. A small throw blanket may be draped over a chair, ottoman or sofa.
• VCR tapes, CDs, DVDs and remote controls should be put away out of sight
• Remove clutter, newspaper, and magazines
• Enhance a room with decorative touches: plants, decorative candles, a stack of a few books, art. Bookcases should be organized. Staging tip: 1/3 books, 1/3 art/plants, 1/3 empty space

• Remove all personal items and toiletries (toothbrushes, hairbrushes, medicine/vitamins etc.) from all bath/shower and counters
• Remove bath mats.
• Display only decorative towels, candles, plants, etc…

• Clear end tables and dressers of all clutter and make the bed with matching bed linens and decorative pillows
• Hide laundry baskets/hampers, bathrobes, and any other extra wardrobe items (clothes, shoes/slippers) or toys in the closet

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