My takeaways from KW Family Reunion 2016

February 29, 2016 at 5:19 pm Leave a comment

  • Gary Keller as economist of choice – What Gary is for Realtors, you need to be for your clients and sphere. This generally means that you have to take a solidly intellectual approach to real estate. Know your numbers, know the trends, know the key factors that the public should be paying attention to. Example, you need to be able to dance with the affordability conversation. (
  • Pay attention! Yes, what your 2nd grade teacher said. Pay attention! If you’re doing an open house and you do not know the price trend in that neighborhood and info on every single home for sale in that neighborhood and the schools, you should not be hosting that open house. The public deserves an expert when they walk through that door. A note on paying attention … it involves putting in the time every week to study. Pay Attention!
  • Smart. You never want to be the smartest person in the room. As much as there is an easy joke in this (“well that tends to not be a problem”), it’s a fundamental truth to making your life bigger. Step one: take inventory. Who am I around? Step two: always seek out achievers, smarties, the clued-in (vs don’t have a clue), always move this forward.
  • Positive. Surround yourself with positive people. Period. Again, take inventory. If you’re around negative, it is most likely showing up in your life big time. The same goes for positive … if you’re around positive, it is most likely showing up in your world big time. Take inventory. Find the optimists and hang out there.
  • ONEthing. Start every day being super clear what ONEthing you must do today really really well. The best achievers achieve because they chase fewer shiny objects and start every day super clear on ONEthing. The smartest or coolest or most engaging are not typically or necessarily the best … the best are the ONEthing doers.
  • Think outside the box. It’s a great big world out there and if you see a niche or a gap that needs filling, it may be the reason you were placed on this earth. It may be the difference maker for someone else. It may change the world; at the very least, it may change yours. Look for opportunities and then chase them down. Gary Keller says that the folks who will make the most money in this business are the ones who see KW as a giant distribution network and make that work for them.
  • Family. Yep, a business family. How many big organizations tout this? It amazes me year after year to be in a convention center with 12,000 extroverts (collective gasp from the introverts) and feel part of the family. There is a reason we call it Family Reunion. I walk away from this event every year knowing that I am in an amazing business environment and have friends coast-to-coast that I can call on, refer business, share best practices. Work these big events in to your business plan, plug in to the opportunities and get started on your KW network. Next KW Family Reunion: Feb 13-16, 2017, Vegas.

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